Applicant Preview Video

Ever been surprised by the real person who shows up for an interview? How many times does the person match what you expected from an application or resume? How much time have you wasted interviewing someone you knew within the first 60 seconds was not going to be a match for the position?

Applicant Preview Video allows you to email a set of questions to your applicant, and they record themselves answering your questions from a smart phone or web cam.

  • Reduce the total amount of time you spend interviewing by focusing on the applicants who possess the communication skills required to do the job.
  • See how much effort the person puts into the first task you assign them.
  • Ensure equal opportunity for all by asking the same questions and giving each applicant the same amount of time to respond. Remove any bias the interviewer might have in how questions are asked and who gets asked which questions.
  • Share the Applicant Preview Video with other members of your management team to assist in your decision on who goes to the next step.

Applicant Preview Video is designed to save you time, money, and improve your overall hiring process. Who you hire is the most important part of your job. The best way to fix a problem employee is not to hire them. The Applicant Preview Video is just one of the tools provided by Driven Hire to assist you in growing your business

**Applicant Preview Video is a simple, flexible, business tool that can also be used to collect customer testimonials and is great for new product rollouts. 




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