Applicant Preview Video

Ever been surprised by the real person who shows up for an interview? How many times when you review an application does the person who walks in match what you expected? Probably not very often. How much time have you wasted interviewing someone you knew within the first 60 seconds was not going to be a match for the position?

With Applicant Preview Video, you can email a set of questions that will require the applicant to record themselves answering your questions from a smart phone or web cam. Here are just a few of the wonderful benefits of this easy to use service:

1. Create the questions for each position and send the same questions to each applicant. This will ensure fair and equitable treatment for all.

2. Ensure that you are at your best each time you preview an applicant. By giving each applicant the same questions, the results are not affected by the interviewer asking the questions one specific way one time and a completely different way at another time.

3. Discover how well the applicant can think on their feet! With the Applicant Preview Video you will immediately see if the applicant struggles with organizing their thoughts into answers that make sense.

4. Find out if the applicant can handle the pressure of completing the questions in the allotted time. Some applicants will not respond at all. That will save you the time of interviewing someone who will probably not work out.

5. Reduce the total amount of time you spend interviewing by screening out those applicants who do not possess the required background, skills, or any other qualifying factors.

6. Share the applicant preview video with other members of your management team to assist in your decision on who you want to invite to meet in person.

Applicant Preview Video is designed to save you time, money, and improve your overall hiring process. Who you hire is the most important part of your job. The best way to fix a problem employee is not to hire them. The Applicant Preview Video is just one of the tools provided by HRFix to assist you in growing your business

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