on 20-Feb-2018
by Jeff Jeans   

Why Should Every Employee Have an Employee Handbook?

There were days when employee handbook was considered to do nothing good than harm to any organization. In the present business environment, a handbook can serve both as a sword and as a shield. Yes, as a sword it will carve...

on 24-Jan-2018
by Jeff Jeans   

Make HR Management Easier With Automated Personnel Files

If you own a business, it is essential to know that paper files are tough to manage. Even, you might have experienced itself in your business as well. Automated personnel files make human resource file management easier....

on 13-Dec-2017
by Jeff Jeans   

A Human Resource Guide for Small Businesses

Human resource is possibly one of the biggest complications when it comes to operating a small business. The intricacies of working with people are something that should be handled with utmost care. But, a company cannot completely get rid of HR. The reason is...

on 22-Jul-2015
by Chelsea Perry   

Are Non-Competes Relics of the Past?

We are all familiar with the problems surrounding various non-compete agreements between employers and employees. The standard concerns include: Is the time overly restrictive? Is it more than 12 months? Do the geographic restrictions reach too far? However, in a...

on 21-Jul-2015
by Chelsea Perry   

PA Brings Additional Clarity to Background Checks for Child Workers

On June 30, 2015 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a law enacting clearer standards on background checks for employees and volunteers who have direct contact with children. The law defines which adult workers, including volunteers must obtain clearance. If a person has supervision, guidance, control, ...

on 13-Jul-2015
by Chelsea Perry   

Overtime Proposal from the Department of Labor (DOL)

In July of 2015 the DOL released the proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) overtime exemption rules. The document is approximately 295 pages long. We have summarized it here. If you would like to read it in its entirety, click here. SUMMARY OF CHANGES Minimum...

on 03-Feb-2015
by Chelsea Perry   

Personnel File Management

It’s time to go electronic with your personnel file management. Everyone knows that one day your company won’t have cabinets full of paper personnel files. It may seem like a lot of work to scan them into an electronic filing system. Your day is already full of...

on 10-Nov-2014
by Chelsea Perry   

What is the true cost of compliance?

We just proposed our services to a company with 200 employees. Our fee is significantly less than a minimum wage employee, yet the company felt it was too expensive. Really? We are talking about a cost per employee of less than 30 minutes of their hourly wage...

on 01-Nov-2014
by Chelsea Perry   

Are You in Compliance with President Obama’s Recent Executive Order?

Did you know that President Obama recently signed another Executive Order, hard to believe, but he did! This new executive order requires companies bidding on federal contracts to disclose any past sins or violations to federal employment laws. Under the new Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, federal agencies must...

on 14-Oct-2014
by Chelsea Perry   

You Are Probably Violating This Law Without Realizing It

Which of the scenarios below demonstrates discrimination? An applicant is not hired for a position that requires speaking on the phone all day because she is not fluent in English and her strong accent makes her difficult to understand. ...

on 10-Oct-2014
by Chelsea Perry   

HR Compliance: The Straight And Narrow Road

Human Resources compliance is very straightforward: either your company IS compliant or it ISN’T. There are no points for trying, no “do-overs” for something you didn’t know, and no trophies for participation. Simply put, compliance has no margin for error. If you’re like most companies, you want...