Do Your Employees Have A Voice For Their Concerns?

                        Employee Hotline Program



When an employee believes his or her workplace rights are being violated, someone will hear about it… The question is, who will it be and how damaging will it be to your reputation and bottom line?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that the most frequent allegations its office investigates each year is not harassment or even discrimination. The number one complaint against businesses across the country and throughout every industry is RETALIATION against employees who make claims of rights violations or other wrongdoings.

Employees with no viable method to address workplace concerns within the company often resort to contacting government agencies or plaintiff attorneys who often intensify and complicate the scenario.

The HRFix Employee Hotline Is An Excellent Option For Both Employee And Employer

Employees consult with non-retaliatory arbiters who will introduce their concerns to the business in the most appropriate and timely manner.

Employers know that a professional who is trained to ask the appropriate questions, expedite the resolution, and safeguard the employer’s best interests will receive and process employee concerns.

HRFix Employee Hotline Program Benefits:

  • Discover issues before they become potentially devastating legal dilemmas. Minimize lost time and workplace disruptions by separating superfluous complaints from legitimate grievances. At every level of an organization, personnel are more comfortable revealing concerns to an outside, neutral-party and are much more likely to disclose all information related to a specific grievance if they know the person hearing them is not part of the actual complaint.

  • Get the answers to the right questions from the start. Our Hotline Specialists register each complaint as it is received and because they have years of experience resolving thousands of complaints across a wide variety of industries, they know which questions to ask as well as how to safeguard against magnifying emotional issues.

  • Reduce response time and prevent causative complaints. HRFix Employee Hotline consultants route detailed complaint intake data to the appropriate person or department within your organization or to your chosen outside legal counsel.

Specifics for every incoming grievance is communicated via the clients’ preference of written report or phone call. 

  • Get the most accurate depiction of every situation, so if there is an actual problem, you are made aware of it as soon as it is discovered. Comprehensive grievance registration ensures the most complete information available including pertinent witnesses if applicable. So, no matter what the grievance, our experts have you covered:

    • Sexual harassment.
    • Race, gender, religious, sexual orientation discrimination
    • Whistleblower concerns
    • Retaliation, Reprisal, or Retribution allegations
    • Theft and Fraud
    • Workplace violence

  • 24/7/365 Coverage; during regular business hours, our intake system is manned by real, live people who adhere to specific interview protocols, but who use their extensive experience to uncover and gather additional information as necessary.

  • A responsive automated messaging system is accessible after hours and on weekends and holidays. HRFix Employee Hotline specialists follow up with each contact promptly the next business day.

  • Multiple methods for preliminary submission of grievances are available via email and a convenient toll-free number.