Always “Up-to-date” Employee Handbooks

HRFixNow_HandbooksOne of the challenges for small to mid-size companies is keeping your company policies up to date, and ensuring all of your employees have acknowledged your company policies.  Changes to federal and state laws, court interpretations, and enforcement agendas can make your handbook out of date almost as soon as you publish a new version.  If you operate in multiple states, you probably need multiple handbooks.

With the HRCS system, you will be notified by HRFix when a company policy needs to change.  You review the proposed changes side by side with your current policy, accept the changes, publish, and your employees are sent an acknowledgement of your new policy.  Each employee sees only the policies assigned to them, and the system keeps a date/time stamped record of the version of the policy that your employee accepted.  You can use HRFix policy templates, your own company policies, or a combination of the two.

There is no better way to solve this compliance problem once and for all.  Turn your handbook into a living document, and never worry again whether your handbook is an asset or a liability.