Forms Management System

Getting your company “on the same page” has never been easier. Load HR and other company forms and make them available to the employees who need them, 24/7. Manage your forms on the HRFix platform:

  • Use our pre-loaded form templates or upload your own.
  • Forms will print with a barcode for easy indexing into the MyFile personnel file management system.
  • Receive push notifications from HRFix when your forms need to change.
  • Data merge feature can auto-populate forms with employee and company data.
  • Ensure that your forms are compliant and current at all times.

During the set up process, our team of best practices advisors will help ensure you’re using the correct HR forms specific to the states you operate in. Call us today at (866) 240 6618 or email us at to take the first step in ensuring compliance and efficiency in managing your HR paperwork.