Human Resource Policies & Employee Handbook

One of the challenges for small to mid-size companies is keeping your company policies up to date and ensuring your employees acknowledge your company policies.

Changes in policy requirements caused by legislation, litigation or executive order can make your company handbook out of date. Operating in multiple states magnifies the challenge.

HRFix makes policy management easy:

  • HRFix will review your current handbook and bring it up to date.
  • Use your policies, ours, or a combination thereof.
  • HRFix monitors current best practices and proposes updates when necessary.
  • Changes can be initiated by you or by the team at HRFix.
  • When changes are approved, your new handbook is published and your employees are notified.
  • Employees electronically acknowledge receipt of the changes.
  • Old policies are archived and stored in case they are needed at a later date.

There is no better way to solve this compliance problem once and for all. Turn your handbook into a living document, managed by seasoned human resource experts, and never worry again whether your handbook is an asset or a liability. Call us today at (866) 240 6618 or email us at