Human Resource Management Training & Testing

On-demand human resource management training has become the standard for communicating mandated, high-risk, and safety topics to your employees. To train effectively, companies must have an expert designed training syllabus that is easy to monitor and always up to date. With you will receive:

  • Over 50 pre-loaded training videos covering Human Resources and OSHA Safety Training mandated topics. Contact for a complete list of available topics.
  • The ability to fully customize HR Training and tests to meet your specific needs.
  • The ability to upload and deliver training you develop yourself. We will create the test for each of your proprietary trainings.
  • The option to have HRFix create custom training for you.
  • We will create a specific training syllabus for each employee or management job title.
  • Real time training records and reports. Reports available by job title, employee, department, location, or user defined group of employees.
  • Push notifications when regulations change and training is updated.

The best prevention for claims against your company is having a good policy, communicating that policy through training, and ensuring comprehension through testing. provides the most comprehensive HR Training, OSHA Training, Harassment and Discrimination Training, OSHA Compliance Training, EEOC Training, Employee Safety Training and Human Resource Management Software available on the market today. Call us today at (866) 240 6618 or email us at for more information.