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A Human Resource Guide for Small Businesses

Jeff Jeans - Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Posted 2 years ago
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Human resource is possibly one of the biggest complications when it comes to operating a small business. The intricacies of working with people are something that should be handled with utmost care. But, a company cannot completely get rid of HR. The reason is that it is an important department that deals with employee benefits that make up a huge part of operating expenses of an organization.


If you are a responsible owner of a business, you should remember that your employees are your biggest assets. So, you should take all steps to protect them and to manage them. Here are certain things you should know about HR in general:

What Is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management shortly called as HRM is something that deals with your employees. It includes everything right from recruitment, management and other forms of assistance and direction. An HR department will always be responsible for hiring, performance reviews and management, training, motivation and employee development, benefits, safety and wellness and communication between management and employees.

HR is a domain that holds a lot of responsibility in your organization. It is a domain that has a huge effect on the culture and environment in your organization. It actually sets the tone on how your employees work, communicate and settle disputes with each other.

What Are The Basics Of Human Resource?

HR is packed with rules, regulations and law and so organizations always want to put off dealing with HR. If your company has less than 50 employees, you should know the three fundamental things about HR according to an expert. They are discussed here:

Employee Files:

You should maintain Personnel file in your organization. This file should have all information about your employees. It should have details about the promotions given and punishments if any given to an employee. Nowadays, companies with expertise in HR Compliance offering HR for small businesses helps with automated personnel files. When it comes to employee files, there should be 1-9 file, employee general file and employee medical file in your organization. In addition to maintaining these files, they should be updated as well. This is where automated personnel files will help you in easing the process.

Employee Handbook:

Having employee handbook is a must for your organization. Your handbook will serve a couple of purposes. They are letting your employees to know what you expect from them and the second is safeguarding your business in the case of any dispute.

Employee hanbooks are important and you can have the handbook either simple or complex as per your wish. However, you should follow some general approaches, which will differ on the basis of the nature of your business. Your handbook might include details like NDNA, anti-discrimination policies, safety and security, compensation and benefits, work schedules, leave and vacation, standards of conduct, and general employment information.

Displaying Required Posters:

Based on the local areas of your location, you might be required to post information in an easily accessible manner in your organization. Professional HR services can provide a packet of posters based on your location to make this process easier. Otherwise, you will have to work with a local government agency.



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