MyFile – Online Automated Personnel File Management

Managing employee personnel files is a time-consuming task, fraught with high-risk decisions: what to keep and what to destroy; how to control access to the information; how to preserve the records in the event of a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood or theft.

HRFix provides a small-business friendly solution with MyFile Online Personnel File Management:

  • Scan and upload your paper files
  • Print new documents with bar codes for easy scanning and indexing
  • Built in document retention rules based on federal and state mandates
  • Built in security and access rights by document type
  • Customizable file and sub-file configuration
  • Administrator alerts for missing documents, expiring documents, and documents eligible for purging
  • Disaster proof

  • Your employee files are either an asset or a liability. You either have the documents you need, stored securely and routinely purged, or you have a problem. Call us today at (866) 240 6618 or email us at and learn how you become more efficient and compliant with your employee personnel files.