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Earn Referral Commission And Deliver Exceptional Value To Your Clients

HRFix’s subscription-based HRCS program is a powerful and profitable way to provide exceptional value to clients, nurture long-term client relationships, AND earn referral commissions or residual income. How it works…

Referral Partners And Resellers Enjoy Benefits That Include Opportunities To:

  • Heighten customer loyalty and retention
  • Convert more prospects into clients
  • Gain an essential competitive edge in your market
  • Residual revenue opportunity
5-Star Referral Program

In your current business, chances are high that you are already faced with questions from your clients about HR solutions. They are your valued clients and obviously, you want the best for them, so it just makes sense to introduce your clients to HRFix.

They will experience the world-class service of the leading all in one Human Resource Compliance System and if that isn’t enough to make you feel like you found cash in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn since last year, then this will: as soon as they subscribe to the HRCS program and we receive their setup fee, we will send you a referral commission! Just like that; no jacket required!



This is an ideal choice for those that are not HR Compliance Specialists, but who want to fortify existing platforms with complementary services, including:

HR Consultants

Insurance Professionals

Payroll Professionals


Platinum Reseller Program

If you want more flexibility in marketing and branding, our reseller program may be just what you need. As a Platinum Reseller, you are able to “white-label” the HRFix HRCS program and market it as your own brand.

This option is perfect for:

HR Consultants—use our materials and resources or your own subject matter expert based content directly from our software platform:

  • Develop custom forms
  • Develop policies in the Handbook section
  • Develop and host training videos
  • Act as the best practices advisor for your clients
  • Operate your clients’ Employee Hotline
  • Be the subject matter expert and/or content author for the software platform

Insurance Professionals—almost always provide or recommend some sort of HR help to their clients. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition and
  • Earn ongoing revenue from providing HR solutions

Payroll Professionals—Level the playing field with big payroll administration companies with huge HR departments and HR products by partnering with us.

All we do is HR Compliance, so to put it simply: we are better at HR Compliance than the big payroll companies.


HRFix Sets The Bar As The HR Industry Innovator

  • Up to date information about the compliance issues that your clients need to know.
  • 100 % exclusive “white-label” capability
  • All commissions are paid in US Dollars and can be paid by check or PayPal.

Whether you are an HR consultant who specializes in compliance or an Insurance or Payroll professional, you’ll find options designed to fit your specific situation and goals.

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Supplement Your Income While Expanding Your Offerings

HRFix’s Partnership Program gives professionals an additional revenue source while providing high value, complimentary services to your existing clients so you become the go-to source for small businesses.

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