Providing HR Solutions To Small Businesses

Small Employer Program

Our small employer program is designed for companies with 5-49 employees. If you have 15 or more employees you fall under the same federal mandates as a fortune 100 company in regard to compliance with the Department of Labor, with the exception of two mandates, FMLA and WARN.

Small employers are large enough to have problems, but too small for a full time professional HR Staff. That is why we created the small employer program…to provide fortune 100 company technology and service to the underserved small employer marketplace. For one low monthly fee ranging from $99.00 a month to a maximum of $300.00 a month you will receive the following:

  • On Line Compliance Training on over 80 Topics regarding workplace safety, management training on hiring, firing and all things in between, employee harassment training, social media, etc… In addition, you have the ability to load unlimited training content on your site. Meet the mandated training requirements of OSHA and the EEOC today!
  • Electronic Personnel Files with built in retention rules and access rights. All documents are automatically bar coded to ensure the proper retention and access is maintained. Improve your disaster recovery plan and protect/secure your employee files.
  • Electronic Handbook. Never update or distribute another handbook. We keep it updated for you and communicate all updates electronically to your employees and document electronic signature receipt of all updates.
  • Forms Management. All your forms are electronic and on line. Our site comes preloaded with over 100 forms, but you can add your own, pick and choose which ones you want.
  • Management Hotline. Unlimited telephone consultation with our seasoned HR experts. Problem employee or simply have a question, give us a call. Need a write up, call us we will do it for you, unemployment claim, EEOC complaint, we are a phone call away.
  • Employee Hotline. Take away the excuse, I didn’t know who to call. We will work with your management team to ensure no issues are left to boil over into a big problem.

Take advantage of having a full time full service HR Compliance Department, all for literally pennies a day. Our program does the work of 10 full time employees at a cost far less than one minimum wage employee. Do yourself a favor, take a look at, call us today for a no hassle demonstration of our system and find out why we have over 40,000 employees on our system across the United States.