Small Employer Solutions

Small Employers (15-50 Employees) fall under many of the same government mandates as a fortune 100 company. The difference is, the fortune 100 company has the staff to handle these mandates. Now small employers can as well for as little as a few dollars per day!

                             Employee Discipline Procedures

Here is what you will receive with HRFix Now:

  • Electronic Personnel Files | We take your current employee files, and load them onto your new HR portal. Your employees’ personnel files will then be paperless. You will always retain the ability to print paper files if needed. Each document is given a bar code which defines who in your company has access to see the document (medical, disciplinary, payroll documents, etc.), how long you must keep the document, as well as which employee personnel file it belongs in. Gone are the days of file cabinets taking up valuable space! Not keeping the right document can be a problem, but keeping the wrong document too long can also cause a problem.
  • On-Line Compliance Training | Your new HR Portal will come with over 80 training videos broken down into three training categories; 1) Management, 2)Employee, and 3) Job Specific. Topics such as “Effective Hiring Process”, “Dealing with Problem Employees”, “Harassment/Discrimination”, “Winning Unemployment Claims”, “Safe Lifting” ,“Lockout Tagout” and “Hazard Communication” are just a few of the trainings available to you. All training comes with a test to prove comprehension on the part of the employee/manager. No more “I didn’t know, nobody told me” excuses. You can also create your own training, or ask us to create a new one, all at no additional charge!
  • On-Line Handbook | We update your current handbook or write you a new one. We monitor the courts and legislature, whenever a change is required, we create it and send it to your designated administrator. Once the change is accepted, your person simply clicks publish and the new or updated policy is sent to each employee with an electronic receipt and acknowledgement attached to once again, prove receipt and comprehension.
  • On-Line Forms Management | We provide you with a very comprehensive forms library all on line and one click away from downloading. Each form has the ability to be bar-coded to make document retention guesswork a thing of the past. Need a form created, call us and we do it at no additional charge.
  • Unlimited Management | Telephone Consultation Have an employee issue? Our experts are standing by for your call, ready to assist. Need an employee write up, help with an unemployment claim, EEOC claim or Wage and Hour issue, we are your back office HR professionals – just a phone call away and all with no hidden costs!
  • Employee Hotline | Your employees can call us with questions, concerns or complaints. We serve as the liaison between you and your employees. We document all calls and contact you immediately if there is a problem. Hotline services and posters provided at no extra cost! has created the software, service and content for small companies who have the need but not the budget for HR and Safety Expertise. All of content can be customized quickly and without additional cost so our system fits all small companies! All of this for $300 a month!

Do yourself and your company a favor and take 20 minutes to look at our system and ask any questions you may have – you will not regret it! You will be amazed, everyone is! Please email us or call Jeff Jeans at (866) 240-6618 today to set up a demo of our program.